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Botulism toxin (Botox)

Botox Injection with Guide
How does it work?

Botox©, or another botulinum toxin such as Xeomin, is injected directly into the muscles that cause wrinkles by using a very small needle. The botulinum toxin blocks the nerve impulses from the brain telling the targeted muscle to move, preventing the muscle from contracting. This relaxes the skin on top of the muscles, softening the wrinkles which gradually fade and often disappear completely. 

Is it for me?

Botox injections are for both men and women looking to achieve or retain their youthful appearance. The majority of patients seeking treatment are at least 30 years old or older, but patients younger than that also seek out Botox as a proactive step in preventing wrinkles. If you have excessive skin laxity, Botox may not be able to produce noticeable results. If you have lines that are already imprinted or etched into the skin, Botox will help soften those lines, not completely erase them.

How long will it last?
It typically will last about 3-4 months, depending on the individual. Factors that influence how long it lasts include amount of Botox used, history of Botox usage, and lifestyle factors.
What should I do before treatment?
Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or fish oil for 2 weeks prior to treatment. (Note: If your personal physician prescribed aspirin to you, do not stop aspirin without your physician’s approval). Taking arnica orally for a week before and after your treatment can help minimize bruising.
What should I do after treatment?
Don’t exercise, rub the area, go in hot tub or Jacuzzi or do anything that will increase circulation to prevent the Botox from traveling too far.

What Does it Treat?

  • Fine Lines and wrinkles

  • Chin Cellulite Lines

  • Brow Lines (11 Lines)

  • Lip Creases

  • Under-Eye Lines