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Aerolase® Laser Treatments

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One of our lovely clients before & after an Aerolase facial!
One of our lovely clients before & after an Aerolase facial!
How does it work?

The Aerolase® Laser uses a unique combination of high-power within a short pulse duration allows treatment to be performed without the use of anesthetics, skin cooling, high discomfort and risk of adverse effects commonly found with the previous generation of lasers. Aerolase® is Safe For All Skin Types & Skin Of Color!


Is it for me?

Aerolase® Laser Treatments are for anyone looking to achieve or retain their youthful appearance and/or treat different skin conditions and concerns. The laser can help you achieve permanent hair removal, rejuvenates skin, and also treats: acne, rosacea, stretch marks,  treats scarring (& hyperpigmentation), psoriasis, and more!

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How long will it last?
The results of the treatment will typically last about 2 weeks - 1 month, depending on the individual and area of treatment. Factors that influence how long it lasts include skin condition and treatment type.
For laser hair removal, six sessions are recommended to achieve more permanent results.
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What should I do before treatment?
Shave the area that you will be receiving laser hair removal treatment 1-2 days prior to treatment. (Note: This may not be necessary for all areas of the body, which is why it is important to schedule a consultation prior to your treatment)
What should I do after treatment?
Wear SPF daily and continue your normal skincare routine. There is no down time from this treatment!

What Does It Do?

Laser Hair Removal

Treats Acne/Rosacea

Treats Stretch Marks

Rejuviantes Skin

Treats Scarring (& Hyperpigmentation)

And More!