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Yashica Smith, founder of ShiCares MedSpa
Yashica Smith, MSN, NP-BC. Owner and Founder of ShiCares MedSpa

Yashica, a board certified licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, grew up in Southern New Jersey and went on to study at Seton Hall and Thomas Jefferson Universities, earning her Bachelor’s and eventually her Master of Science in Nursing from the latter. Along the way she taught and mentored nursing students, helping to guide them into and through their budding careers in the world of nursing. Her own path took her from being an ICU RN at Mount Sinai Medical Center, to an educator and trainer in the academic and pharmaceutical industries.

Yashica knows firsthand what a difficult experience skincare can be. Empathizing with that challenge and the insecurities it can bring has driven her to apply her knowledge and expertise in helping others amplify their own innate beauty and wellness. After extensive research and much trial and error caring for her own skin, and the unique challenges it presented, Yashica developed her understanding that healthy skin is a product of the comprehensive health of the individual.

Throughout her process of discovery, Yashica also realized that access to medical health, wellness, and rejuvenation services were still limited within her own community. She knows she can make a difference with the professional level of personalized care she could provide. So with her education, training, and experience coupled with her own cumulative knowledge, Yashica saw an opportunity to make her passion, her profession. In 2022 Yashica made her vision a reality, and along with the support of friends, family and professional colleagues, she launched ShiCares Medspa.

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Beyond Your Imagination

We are a full-service medical spa in NJ focused on rejuvenating and refreshing your skin from the inside out with advanced beauty care technologies.

We value quality over financial gain, putting our client’s priorities first and Our goal is to deliver life-changing results that meet and exceed your highest expectations.

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Our Core Values

We stand firmly on the core values of professionalism, honesty, and integrity and are committed to providing you with a rewarding and fulfilling experience every time you visit us.

We understand that no one-size approach fits all when it comes to health and beauty. Our trained and compassionate staff have the expertise to provide personalized treatment plans that guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.